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Body Awareness

Griffin balances one hind leg on the pad while holding up the other.

Mental Focus

Orion has intense mental focus while executing his cone work.


Grant's handler leads him through neck stretches on both sides.


Griffin loves balance work!  Notice his focus and ear position.

Senior Dog Strength

Gunnar works on building rear-end strength.


Strength & conditioning programs deepen the handler/dog bond.


Jo leads Houdi through flexibility exercises.

Puppy Development

3 month old Beetle learns body awareness.

Strength & Mental Fitness

Emerald really has to think to execute this exercise, which builds strength.

Balance & Strength

Grant is building both balance and strength with this exercise.


Houdi demonstrates balance combined with controlled movement.

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Building a fitness and conditioning program for your dog is one of the best things you can do to support them, from puppyhood to senior age. Starting with age appropriate body awareness skills and basic foundations, moving through to strength and cardio training and of course warm ups, cool downs and stretches. The long term benefits of keeping a dog fit and healthy, carry over into aiding for a longer life span. Some benefits of fitness and conditioning work include:

  • weight control (through all life stages)
  • improved performance
  • allows for more rapid recovery from exercise
  • more resistance to stress
  • flush toxins and keep the body balanced
  • gives the dog a sense of well-being and purpose
  • aids in preventing injury by:
    • building fitness and coordination
    • can help reduce the severity of an injury should one occur
    • helps with a faster, more complete recovery from injury should one occur
  • increases the bond between handler and dog
  • builds confidence

One of the biggest ways you can have a positive impact on your dogs overall life, is to keep them fit and in shape. Fit dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives!!

Dogs who can benefit from fitness & conditioning work:

  • Puppies of all ages: Puppies can learn body awareness, proper form, appropriate exercises for their age – helping to reduce issues and injury over the full life of the dog.
  • Pet dogs: Fitness and conditioning work improves flexibility, body awareness and keeps weight at an optimal level, helping to reduce joint stress, organ stress and potential injury over the life of the dog.
  • Working dogs, which includes Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, Police Dogs, & Performance Dogs: Dogs in this category will benefit from improved body awareness, increased strength, increased flexibility and greater confidence and ability overall.
  • Special Needs Dogs: Many special needs dogs may need to build strength in a specific area, or perhaps they have physical limitations so we need to find alternate ways to challenge their brain which aids in providing them with a sense of purpose and well being.
  • Senior Dogs: Keeping our aging dogs moving comfortably is a huge benefit of specially designed fitness programs with seniors, Muscle atrophy can slow down our dogs quicker that necessary and maintaining that independence does wonders for a dogs spirit.

No matter the age and needs of the dog, fitness programs also enhance the handler/dog bond, resulting in an improved relationship, better quality of life and elevated sense of being as a dog/handler team.

K9K uses a force-free, positive reinforcement based approach in all aspects of training. K9K is proud to be Richmond’s only actively certified operating UT-CCFT.

** Before beginning a fitness/conditioning program with your dog, it is highly advised to have your dog seen by a veterinary professional, to be sure there are no physical limitations. **

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Ancillary Offerings

In addition to helping you keep your dogs trim, fit and healthy, Jo is also available for training in the following areas:

  • Basic Manners/House Skills
  • CGC Training & Testing (all levels)
  • Therapy Dog Training & Testing (done per the Alliance of Therapy Dog Test parameters)
  • Tricks Training & Testing (DMWYD and AKC)
  • On-Site Seminars for Clubs and Training Tacilities
  • Video Consultations/Private Sessions
  • Boarding (limited availability)
  • Board ‘n Train (limited availability)