Enhance Performance / Prevent Injury

Whether you’re a weekend warrior team or competing at the highest level in dog sports, enhancing your dog’s fitness level can help minimize injury, allow for a quicker response time, improve performance ability and overall lead to an improvement in the lifestyle you live with your dog.

Benefits of having your dog on a consistent conditioning and strength training program include:

  • improved performance, stronger, more in-tuned, more agile overall
  • more rapid recovery from exercise
  • resistance to stress – bodies are able to fight off illness easier
  • Sense of well-being
  • Injury Prevention
    • fitness & coordination
    • reduced severity of injury
    • faster, more complete recovery from injury

Starting and maintaining a K9 Fitness program with your performance partner ensures you are setting them up to be their very best, and can help to minimize the risk of injury OR lessen the degree should one occur. Consistency is KEY to the success of a fitness program, as with any training program.

** Before beginning a fitness/conditioning program with your dog, it is highly advised to have your dog seen by a veterinary professional, to be sure there are no physical limitations. **