Post-Injury / Reconditioning

Even under the best circumstances, there are still no guarantees in life.  Our dogs go fast, play hard and strive to be the best they can be.  Sometimes, this may lead to injury. However, if you have proactively conditioned your dog and worked to kept them as fit and in shape as possible, the degree of injury is typically lessened and recovery time shortened.  This allows for decreased stress on the dog and handler, and can allow for a quicker return to the beloved activities.

As in humans, muscle atrophy is quick to happen in our dogs.  In the unfortunate event your dog suffers an injury, taking the steps to return to normal activity in a controlled, gradual, outlined manner, will help to ensure a lower risk of re-injury,  AND will give you the peace of mind to know your dog is on the right road to recovery.

You would not “return to normal activity” after an injury, so why should your dog?

** Any dog with a suspected/known/diagnosed injury MUST have veterinary clearance (in writing) before beginning a fitness program with K9K.  I then work hand in hand with your veterinarian to ensure the reconditioning program progresses in a manner best suited for success.

** Before beginning a fitness/conditioning program with your dog, it is highly advised to have your dog seen by a veterinary professional, to be sure there are no physical limitations. **