Schedules & Classes

K9K January 2021 Schedule

K9K: January 2021 Class Descriptions

All classes will be hosted via ZOOM.

These lessons are NOT pre-recorded.  Classes will happen LIVE, which allows for instant feedback and direction.  Additionally, sessions are recorded and students will receive a link to the recording and be able to watch/review at their leisure. Classes will be 50 minutes in length.  All classes will start the week of January 4th and run 4 or 6 weeks per class outline, as noted. Click here to download the following class schedule.

At Home: K9K Fitness Foundations (4 week class):

This class will be an introduction to all things K9 Fitness!! Teams in this class will:

  • learn what K9 fitness is and the benefits of a consistent/balanced fitness program
  • work to learn proper form and function of the foundation skills needed for fitness
  • receive direction on building a balanced fitness program for your dog
  • learn do’s and don’ts to minimize injury in our dogs

Thursday: 2 pm

At Home: Foundations for Performance Sports (6 week class):

Curious about the details of various K9 sports and the training involved? In this class, lessons will

  • Overview/explanation of a variety of dog sports
  • Review and application of various training methods: shaping, luring, using props, capturing, use of
    the clicker
  • Introduction to foundation skills applicable to performance sports
  • Introduction to relevant fitness skills

Wednesday: 10 am

At Home Puppy 101: Life skills for the puppy (6 week class):

This class is geared towards PUPPIES!!! As new puppy owners there are so many questions, so many things to learn!! Start your puppy training at home, in their comfortable environment, setting them up for more success once ready to venture out into the “real” world! Skills will include:

  • Focus/attention/engagement with human
  • Body Awareness and appropriate exercise education
  • Puppy specific info: potty training, schedule and house set up options
  • Impulse Control
  • Sit, Down, Stay
  • Relationship games/skills for bonding/teamwork
  • Beginning of leash walking
  • Option to test for the AKC Virtual Home Manners Title at the end of the class

Monday: 6 pm
Wednesday: NOON

At Home 101: Life skills for the dog – Skills training and Title Testing (6 week class):

This class is geared towards young dogs, or dogs who are still on their training journey but are beyond the “puppy” training needs. Skills will include:

  • Entrance/Exit of house skills
  • Expanded mat/place work
  • Impulse Control
  • Response to cues, with added distractions
  • Relationship games/skills for bonding/teamwork
  • Option to test for the AKC Virtual Home Manners Title at the end of the class

Thursday: 7 pm

At Home 201: Advanced Life Skills for the dog (6 week class):

This class is geared towards teams who have good foundation skills, but are still working through some “life” training challenges. Great for dogs who may be in their “teenage” years or young adults who need a revisit to the basics!! Topics could include:

  • focus and attention
  • duration of behaviors/added distractions
  • troubleshooting various issues
  • cleaning up/rechecking basic skills to get training back on track
  • leash skills
  • handler choice topics as needs arise

Mondays: 7 pm
Wednesday: 2 pm

At Home Rally 101 (6 week class):

This class is geared towards those who have experience with training, but little to no experience with Rally Obedience. Lessons will include:

  • What is Rally Obedience?
  • Where do I start in my training adventure?
  • Building block skills for Rally
  • Turning individual skills in to a Rally course
  • Information on at home competition venue options for those interested in testing their skills

Wednesday: 6 pm
Thursday: NOON

What better way to spend the cold, dreary days of winter, then teaching your dog some fun,
entertaining tricks??

  • Focus will be on novice and intermediate level trick skills
  • Review and application of various training methods: shaping, luring, using props, capturing, use of the clicker
  • fun, interactive engagement with your dog
  • option to test for trick titles at the end of the class

Wednesday: 11 am

At Home Tricks 201 (6 week class):

Building on novice and intermediate trick skills, this class will take trick training to the next level for students, focusing on Intermediate and Advanced Level tricks.

  • option to test for trick titles at the end of the class
  • continued bond building and training with your dog
  • fun way to stay engaged over the winter months

Monday: 10:30 am

Real World 101 – Out and About: Drop in basis

This is a continuation of our Out and About classes that are ongoing locally, outside at various locations, as weather permits. This class will be a DROP IN class for students who:

  • have a solid foundation of training with their dogs
  • are looking for more “real world” experience and settings for their dogs
  • have dogs who need a bit more proper socialization experience

Tuesdays @ 10 am (weather allowing)
Confirmation email is sent Monday, once weather can be confirmed, with location details. Please request your email to be added to the list if you are interested in receiving the weekly update about class. Additional class time options for evenings/weekends will be added as needed andweather/daylight allows.
$20/drop in

Focus, on focus!! (6 week session)

Having a dog that understands how to focus on the handlers, allows for a greater success in life and adventures with the dog. This class will:

  • teach games and skills to better help the dog learn to focus on the handler
  • establish a baseline of focus/attention
  • impulse control
  • add distractions and other “real life” challenges as the dogs are able
  • prepare teams for “out and about” class options


AKC Farm Dog Training & Testing:

Coming in the spring!!!
More details to follow!