Weight Management

Studies have shown that over 36% of households in America own a dog – that’s 83.3 million dogs. Over 50% of those were overweight, with a large portion of those falling into the obese category.

Added pounds and weight are a huge factor in joint injury and intolerance.  Extra weight creates stress on all organs, joints and the overall abilities of the dogs.  Factor in heart and drive and you compound the impact of those extra pounds and the taxing on the dogs systems.  Being overweight can lead to:

  • arthritis (very painful)
  • high blood pressure (very unhealthy and limiting)
  • Kidney disease
  • Cancer
  • Other secondary health issues

This can lead to not only a shortened life span, but also a reduced QUALITY OF LIFE for our pets.

Keeping dogs at a healthy weight is the biggest component to extending their life span.

** Before beginning a fitness/conditioning program with your dog, it is highly advised to have your dog seen by a veterinary professional, to be sure there are no physical limitations. **